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Sample policy: Your right to party - our manifesto

hma8.jpgWe want everyone who comes to our venue to have a great time. We want you to relax, listen to the music, enjoy time with friends, meet nice new people, dance if the mood takes you, and feel part of our community.


hma1.jpgTo help everyone to have fun we have the following things in place:

  • Proactive, friendly and welcoming staff from diverse backgrounds who are looking out for you
  • A quiet area for if you need some time out
  • Some seats
  • Step-free access to the gig room
  • The ability to display lyrics whilst a band is performing (not all bands do this)
  • Gender neutral and gendered toilets, all with sanitary bins and free sanitary products
  • Staff have received accessibility training from Attitude is Everything and can assist you with any access needs (see below for more on our accessibility)
  • Staff have been trained by Good Night Out and can support you if you experience sexual harassment or violence (we hope you won’t need this, but we are here if you do)
  • No tolerance for violence, abuse or harassment of any kind - see our Anti-violence, Abuse and Harassment Policy below
  • A policy of gender-equal bills and prioritising performers from marginalised groups (e.g. people of colour, LGBTQIA people…)
  • A taxi desk to help you get home
  • A dedicated inbox should you need to tell us about any problems you encountered at the venue ([add address])
  • Do get in touch if you are anxious about attending one of our gigs.

hma3.jpgTo help us to maintain a fun atmosphere please do the following:

  • Say ‘excuse me’ when moving through the crowd, rather than pushing or touching people. A couple of taps on the shoulder may be okay if they haven’t heard you
  • Respect the space of others around you by asking, ‘is it okay if I stand/sit/dance here?’ When moving to a new space check that people around you still have a good view, that their personal space is maintained, and that you aren’t likely to bump into them when dancing
  • If you are tall, check those behind you have a good line of sight to the stage and move if that will help
  • When in conversation, respect people’s verbal and bodily cues about whether they want the conversation to continue. If unsure, ask
  • Ask for consent before touching anyone or making verbal sexual advances
  • Abide by our anti-violence and harassment policy
  • Support our gender diverse bills and priority performers policy.

hma7.jpgAnti-violence, Abuse and Harassment policy

We do not tolerate any form of violence, abuse, discrimination or harassment. This means:

  • Do not harm, abuse, harass, intimidate or denigrate other audience members, staff, musicians or others working at the venue
  • Listen to what people say to you and do not make assumptions about them or what they might like/dislike. Respect their boundaries and amend your behaviour accordingly
  • Only touch people with their express consent. When moving through the crowd say ‘excuse me’ (a tap on the shoulder may be okay if they don’t initially hear you)
  • Cease conversation or physical contact with someone when they request or imply that you stop
  • Do not stare at people
  • Only attempt sexual ‘banter’ if you are certain it will be found amusing and you know the person you are bantering with well
  • If you feel uncomfortable come and talk to us
  • If you have caused someone to feel uncomfortable then we will want to talk to you.

hma2.jpgWhat to do if you experience harassment or violence at the venue

We understand that people react differently to harassment and violence. Our aim is to support targeted people and so please tell us about incidents as soon as you feel able. We recognise that for some people this may be after the event.

  • On the night, speak to any member of staff or direct message us privately to tell us what has happened. We will support you
  • If you decide to talk to us at a later date, you can talk to us in person, on the phone or via private messaging on our social media, or you can email our safe spaces email account
  • We will treat the incident confidentially, unless you ask us to do otherwise
  • If the incident was perpetrated by a member of staff, we will take this very seriously
  • If you wish to report the incident anonymously or via a friend, we will do all we can to ensure that such incidents don’t happen again
  • If you witness harassment, violence or other discrimination please tell us so that we can support the targeted person.

hma6.jpgGender diverse bills and priority performers

We aim for gender diverse bills and prioritising performers from marginalised groups (e.g. people of colour, LGBTQIA people, disabled musicians) for our internally booked gigs. We believe this makes for more variety of musical experiences for audiences and musicians. To monitor our bills we include

an anonymous ‘equality and diversity’ form with our gig pack for promoters and bands. We ask that you support us in our aim for diverse bills by doing the following:

  • Enjoy novel experiences by coming to listen to bands who are new to you
  • Arrive early enough to watch support acts, even if you haven’t heard of them
  • Some musicians may be just starting out so show extra enthusiasm and give them encouragement
  • Buy their merch
  • Shout out about them on social media
  • Let us know about acts that you think will fit our bill (you can use social media, email or tell the promoter to do this)
  • Apply to play here via social media, email or tell the promoter.

hma6.jpgStaff procedures

  • Listen to what the targeted person is telling you
  • Believe them and be compassionate
  • Offer them a quiet place to retreat to
  • Ask them what they want to happen
  • Offer the option to call friends, taxi, an ambulance or police, and provide information about local support services
  • Ask a colleague to call the manager
  • Take down the targeted person’s details
  • Take down the perpetrator’s details
  • Ask the perpetrator to leave and enlist the help of door staff if needed
  • Record any incidents in the incident book
  • The next day, the manager will follow up with the targeted person to see how they are doing and what more they might need from us, e.g. support numbers, assistance dealing with police, if that is what they want
  • Treat the incident as confidential, unless the targeted person permits you to speak about the incident using pseudonyms
  • Report crimes, including hate crime, to the police. This can be done anonymously or as a third-party. Note that any victims of crime have the right to not engage with the police; that victims of crime may change their minds about engaging with the police
  • NB remember you are not a counsellor, but you can refer the person on to support services.