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About the Healthy Music Audiences research project

hma3.jpgThis guide has been produced by Dr Rosemary Lucy Hill (University of Huddersfield) and Molly Megson (University of Huddersfield) in consultation with Girl Gang Leeds and Kate Zezulka.

It draws on our research on the Healthy Music Audiences project in which we investigated sexual harassment at gigs and analysed safer spaces policies. On the project we examined the implementation of measures to prevent and respond to sexual violence at gigs in West Yorkshire, including the use of safer spaces policies. The project followed up on our earlier research, which found that sexual harassment, groping and assault is a widespread problem at gigs, and that it has damaging impacts on mental health and musical participation, particularly for women who are more likely to be targets.

hmathimb.jpgRead the Healthy Music Audiences phase one Report


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You can read more about the research in the following journal articles:

indef.jpgHill, R. L., & Megson, M. (2020). In defence of safer spaces: punk, privilege and safer spaces policies. Punk & Post-Punk, 9(1), 59-76. Available here.


svio.jpgHill, R. L., Hesmondhalgh, D., & Megson, M. (2020). Sexual violence at live music events: experiences, responses and prevention. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 23(3), 368-384. Available here.


large_HILL MEGSON sexual violence in grassroots music venues how to facilitate change_Page_01_1.jpgHill, R. L., & Megson, M. (2020). Sexual violence and gender equality in grassroots music venues: how to facilitate change. IASPM@ Journal, 10(1), 3-21.





About us

a1.jpgRosemary Lucy Hill is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Popular Culture at the University of Huddersfield. She is the author of Gender, Metal and the Media: Women Fans and the Gendered Experience of Music (Palgrave). She is also a musician. Find out more here.


a2.jpgMolly Megson is a PhD researcher at the University of Leeds School of Medicine, studying health and social inequalities.


a3.jpgGirl Gang Leeds is a non-profit that creates fun, safe and empowering spaces for women and people of marginalised genders. They organise a range of events including arts markets, gigs, talks, meet-ups, workshops, book clubs, screenings and more.


a4.jpgEmily Marlow is an events and project co-ordinator currently working with Music:Local and Come Play With Me supporting people in music across Yorkshire. Emily is also one of the Co-founders of Girl Gang Leeds, where she co-creates events for women and people of marginalised genders.


a5.jpgKaz Scattergood is a copywriter and creative communications professional working at the University of Leeds, alongside heading up Girl Gang Leeds and writing for Ladyfuzz Zine. Kaz is passionate about DIY music; independent art; and creating safe spaces for women, marginalised genders and queer people.


a6.jpgKate Zezulka is a musician with experience of both sides of the industry. Having established The Leeds Music Hub - a community music space dedicated to supporting the local music scene - she is now back to the creative life, working as a writer & producer.


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